LeMaker Cello
-- An ARM 64-bit Sever Main Board with 96Boards EE Specification

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Pre-order description:

The LeMaker Cello is now only accept the pre-order, and the scheduled ship time is in Q2 of 2016. At currently, we only provide the LeMaker Cello main board pre-order, but we will keep update about some important components pre-order information, such as the power supply and the SODIMM RAM module. When the LeMaker Cello is shipped, we will contact everyone to check if they need buy the power supply, SODIMM RAM module and some other components we provide.

For buyers:

The LeMaker Cello is focusing on the ARM server marketing especially data center and storage. Although the LeMaker Cello will installed a boot OS and some baisc software, it will still have some dev bugs that need to update the OS to solve the bugs. So the first batch LeMaker Cello will be the early-bird version for experienced developers, server companies and open source community, we do not suggest newbie or general users to buy the LeMaker Cello at the early-bird stage.


LeMaker Cello is based on AMD Opteron A1100 Series SoC with 96Boards EE specification. It foucs on the ARM sever marketing and provide most server main board features, such as DDR3 SO-DIMM sockets, 1GBe Ethernet and so on. And also in order to make LeMaker Cello availible to most developers, the price is also very attractive.


AMD Opteron A1100 Series
Quad-core ARM Cortex-A57 64 bit
Two DDR3 SO-DIMM sockets
Two SATA ports
Two USB 3.0 ports
USB-micro port for console support
1 GBe Ethernet
x16 PCIe G3 slot
10-Pin JTAG headers
Expansion Interface
Linaro 96Bords Expansion slot
Standard 160 x 120 mm 96Boards Enterprise Edition form factor

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